We started calling our daughter by a boy’s name since people think she is one’

We started calling our daughter by a boy’s name since people think she is one’

A frustrated mum took to TikTok to clear up any confusion about the gender of her baby after she revealed that people keep referring to her as a little boy when they go out

A mum has resorted to calling her daughter by a boy’s name after she claims that people kept mistaking her for one.

Sierra was so sick and tired of people making the error that she came up with a nickname for her baby for when they’re out and about.

On TikTok, Sierra, who goes by the username @lewwnilewwni on the app, revealed that her toddler’s name is Swae Nomi.

But because she doesn’t like to wear bows or headbands, strangers have often referred to her as a boy.

So she came up with the nickname ‘Earl’, and it stuck.

Sierra cleared up any confusion in the now-viral video, where she explained: “People are very confused as to if you’re a boy or a girl, and what your actual name is.

“So let’s just clear this up. I’m the mother, better known as Lewwni.

“This is Swae. She is a girl. Her real birth name, the name I gave her after I hatched her, was Swae Nomi.”

She went on to explain that Swae’s nickname is “Earl”, and revealed just how the moniker came about.

“She doesn’t really keep bows or things on her head so we just didn’t put them on her,” she explained.

“And when we go out people would be like, ‘He is so cute!’ And we got tired of correcting them so we just came up with the name Earl.

“So we’d be like, ‘That’s our Earl, that’s our Earl boy.'”

Since being posted, the video has racked up 800,000 likes and 4,100 comments at the time of writing.

While many people said it was the “cutest name” they’ve ever heard, a few viewers couldn’t help but share their confusion.

One person said: “Her full name to me will always be ‘Swae Earl Swearl.'”

Another wrote: “Yep, that’s our Earl… It’s short for girl.”

A third commented: “This has to be the best explanation of a baby’s nickname I’ve ever heard.”

Someone else put: “Swae Nomi is the cutest name I’ve ever heard in my life.”

A few others also admitted they’d been forced to do the same, as one person said: “My daughter always got called a boy, there’s no point in correcting strangers [in my opinion] so I get it.”

While another admitted: “As a baby, I had no hair for so long and so many people would tell my parents ‘he’s so cute’ and so after a while, they’d say ‘thanks his name is Alex.'”