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The New Canon 30D SLR Digital Camera

The camera is a winner in my opinion. I had the 20D previous to this and was happy with it except for the small and dim LCD screen.The 30D has a larger screen and whether the brightness is better or not is hard to tell, but the image is sure easier to see in the Florida daylight.

The spot meter seems to help with exposures too.

All in all, I am very happy with the camera.


Here is the procedure to help you insert your name in the EXIF data file on your Canon 30D Digital SLR Camera.
I have spent considerable time trying to do this and finally have the procedure down.

1.Connect the camera via the USB cable to your computer.

2.Open Zoom Browser EX

3.Under "Task" click "Acquire & Camera Settings"

4.Then click "Connect to EOS Camera" button

5.The EOS 30D utility Pops up

6.Look for the "Set up Camera" Button- see figure 1.

7.Check Figure 2 for the right place to click.

8.Click on "Owners name". See Figure 3(The name field will be blank)

9.Fill in your name.

10.Click "OK"

11.Click "X" to close the window. You are done.

12.Disconnect Cable and the new images will have your name on the EXIF data!

13.The EXIF data is read under "Properties" and "Shooting Information" in the Canon software. BreezeBrowser calls it EXIF Data. Some software call it Meta Data.

Fred Sgrosso

Fig1 Fig2 Fig3

This is the EXIF data as shown with the Canon Software. Clicking on the picture in ZoomBrowser gives this enlarged image. Clicking on "View" then "Shooting Information" gives this presentation of the EXIF data.The name function is on the second line from the bottom.