This is where you will find some Electric Aircraft RC photographs .


Here is the first new plane of 2009!

January 4th.

Peter brought this Catalina PBY RTF manufactured by Guan Li and sold by RaidenTech.com model to the field, and our senior test pilot, Ernie, flew it in a very scale like manner.

January 25

Jay maidened his World Models Uni-Jet Sunday.
This model looked real good and was quite fast.

John M. maidened his neat P-40 Warhawk offered by Ultra-Fly today too.
It flew beautifully and looked like the real thing.

I maidened my Green Models Curtiss JN-4 (Jenny) too. This Jenny is distributed by Maxford USA and is the 50 inch wingspan model.
The model looked real good and needs a bit more trimming to fly comfortably.

February 8th

Derek had his beautiful helicopter out and had us all in awe as he whipped this baby around so fast and smoothly that it was a joy to view. It looked like an aerial ballet. I did have a tough time trying to keep the chopper in the viewinder.

Denny flew this good looking Diablo with his usual cool authority. Beautiful!!!.

Sunday, March 8th

This is a very small rugged looking biplane. Jay has flown it many times and he has a blast with it. Micro SSX Bipe is what it is called. It sure is a looker!

Denny flew his Multiplex AcroMaster plane with his usual quiet authority. He has many flights on this model.

Today we had three maidens. John (Merlin v16), Jim R, and myself.
John's plane was the Great Planes new P-47. It sure looked good and flew well. Another warbird winner for John!
Soon there will be another one. Jay will have it ready soon.

Jim R. maidened his new GWS P-38. He calls it "White Lightning". The P-38 flew, and sounded special with the twin props humming their tune. Nice job, Jim!
More coming soon.

John took these shots of my Great Planes Spad maiden. The plane looked realistic flying over the Sarasota Silent Flyers Aerodrome!

Ernie had these pilot structures made up and more will be coming. Les modelled in this shot with his modified Slow Stick.

March 12th

Jay maidened HIS P-47 today. Jay's maiden was uneventful and he was all smiles when he landed! Now we have a dynamic duo!!! The plane was the Great Planes new P-47.

Jay flew this Edge 540 by Extreme Flight today. It is his old stand-by. It was very maneuverable, and easy to see.

March 15th

Ernie maidened Gordon's E-Flite F-16 Falcon and it looked real nice in the air and on the runway.
Thanks Jim, for the correction!

Ernie was flying this good looking YAK sold by Quique Somenzini. It is light and very maneuverable, not to mention great looking!

April 1st, 2009

Today was foggy. We had a remaiden of this Piper Cub. It was flown by Herman and belongs to Peter. It looks nice even with the fog.
Nice job Herman and Peter!

April 5, 2009

This P-51 warbird was maidened by Denny and looked beautiful. The model was originally owned by John W.

April 12, 2009

This morning was foggy again. This model was assembled and flown by Gordon. It looked and flew beautifully!

April 19, 2009 SSF Family Fun Day

On this fun day, Jim maidened his Christen Eagle. A real pretty plane and Jim flew it beautifully!!!

April 23, 2009

Jay flew this Great Planes SE-5 in the beautiful blue Florida sky. She looked very real this morning.

These high powered men are solving the mystery of life!

Jay is in the cockpit of this Super Chipmunk.

Jay flew this 3 D Cermark Cosmos. Jay had a good morning!

May 3, 2009

Jim made a few of these Funder and Lighnting models and this is his latest. Jim flies in all wind conditions with this homemade beauty. This baby is FAST!!!

May 10, 2009

Jay's son, Jay maidened this brand new 51 inch AJ Slick beauty at the field Sunday. Jay, the younger, flew it beautifully and it was a pleasure meeting him! The model was built up Saturday and flown Sunday!

Jay's son, Jay also maidened this brand new E-Flite AT-6 Texan for his dad at the field Sunday. It sure was a pretty sight in the air and on the ground!

Danny maidened this pretty E-Flite Ultimate 3D biplane too. Danny really put this beauty through its paces. Nice job Danny!!!

Jim made John some authentic looking decals for John's P-40 that is made to replicate the P-40s at Pearl Harbor in 1941.

Rene was flying this neat FlyZone Cessna 182 Skylane RTF from Tower with Jim. Ren upgraded the motor to a BL outrunner (e-Max) Way to go Ren!

May 17, 2009

Last week, Ren was flying a Slow Stick on a trainer cord. Then he maidened his Cessna later in the morning. This Sunday he maidened this large Fledgling model with no trouble! Ren flew inverted and made loops, and did all kinds all tricks in an exciting maiden. The inset is Ren's expression when the whole gang cheered upon his perfect landing in the wind!!!

Jim R maidened his new GWS P-51 Mustang this morning. The plane is painted in the colors of the Tuskegee Airmen. The model is equipped with retracts and was landing in this photo. The plane looked beautiful and Jim flew it the same way!
That a go Jim!

June 7, 2009

Jay had a new plane to show us today. He calls it "Mello Yello". It was not a maiden but it was new for us at SSF. It was a real beauty. The picture does not do it justice. It was real cloudy but the model was easy to see. Jay has a winner here.
The model is distributed by 3D Hobbyshop.com, and is called an "Extra 300 SHP 47" 3D/Precision-yellow".

Donny is a new member and new pilot. He has gone from the buddy cord to flying very quickly. He built and flew this GWS E-Starter like a pro.
Great job Donny!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Ernie is demonstrating his night lights on his modified stick.
Danny said it looked like a police car in the rear view mirror! These lights are real bright!!!

Ernie flew his Alfa F-86 jet today. He modified it. That is code for "made it go faster". Pretty plane!!!

John W. was flying this plane up, down and all around. I caught this shot when he inverted the model. This model looked real good in the sky.
John tells me that the name of the model is SAMMY. It came from Atlanta Hobbies.
It was good to see John again. He flies on Saturdays and Sunday is my usual day.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Ren maidened this Banana Hobby A-10 Warthog complete with retracts today. Ernie trimmed the model and Ren flew it well.
It looked real in the Florida sky! Great job Ren!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

John M. (Merlin v16) has repainted his ParkZone Corsair and it looked and flew great this Sunday morning.
John told me he painted the Corsair with a foam brush and the last coat was applied that morning.

I flew my Maxford Jenny today. It flies real well. Photo by John Mendicino

Donny flew his Great Planes E-Stick very well as usual. The model had a superb covering job.

Sunday, August 9th, 2009

Gordon, John, and I fly at sunrise. Gordon's P-47 by E-Flite is no longer made but Gordon flew it well and it looked better than the photo.

Charlie "flew" this charming Sea Breeze model for many minutes, many times. It looked beautiful! Charlie is awaiting lights for night flying.
It is produced by Troy who is a member of SSF.

Merlin v16 has modified his ParkZone Corsair yet again to add the napon drop tanks to his model. The plane sure looks warlike!

Danny flew this beauty Sunday and thrilled us with his beautiful model. I believe it is a 47" Extra SR by 3D Hobby Shop.