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To my page where you will find information on my latest RC aircraft:
Ikarus Sukhoi SU27 XXL

Nato name: Flanker

Updated October 22, 2007

Top view of SU-27 XXL with the supplied brushed motor.

This jet is just right for me. It is a slow or moderately fast jet and looks real good in the air! It was easy to build, and has no rubber bands on the wings to contend with. The parts snap together and is fabricated from heavy-duty 6mm foam.

The brushed motor included in the package may have been defective or it might be that I am used to the power of brushless motors. The result was that I purchased a direct replacement 400 brushless motor with the power I need to make the plane get airborne effortlessly and is not too loud. This plane rolls easily and is generally well behaved and lands like a kitten.

The motor is a new one manufactured by ARC motors. I measured about 11 amps at full throttle and around 17000 rpm with the supplied 5 inch prop. The specs for this motor indicate a thrust of 15 oz., Kv=1800rpm/v, and a 75% efficiency for this configuration. I am using the 5x4 inch (125x100mm) prop that comes with the kit. The prop is a push-on type and I had real problems keeping it on the shaft with either motor. I resorted to a prop saver configuration and it has worked very well.
There are cutouts for your fingers to grip the plane easily when launching it for take-off.
The model is COOL and everything runs cool! (With the brushless motor) Not so with the brushed.
There is a good review of this aircraft in the November issue of "FLY RC"

"Quiet Flyer" magazine has a good article in the October 2007 issue on the ARC motors.

Model name: Ikarus SU-27 XXL, Distributor: Hobby-Lobby, Ikarus USA, Price: $60.00
Wingspan: 29.75 inches
Length: 41.25 inches
Wing Area: 473 sq. inches
Wing Loading: 4.9 oz./sq.ft.
Flying Weight: 14-16 oz.
Optional motor: ARC 28-37-4 Brushless, short can, 200 watt motor, Distributor, Lightflightrc.com ($50.00)
Battery: PolyQuest 1500ma, 20C, 3s, LiPo
Prop: Supplied
Prop Saver: Wobbly 3.17mm diameter
Radio: Needs Elevon mixing or optional mixing accessory from Ikarus, 3 channels
Servos: 2 miniature
Speed Control: I used the 30 amp unit sold with the brushless motor. The 20 amp ESC is actually enough with the 5 inch prop.
Run time: 7-10 minutes

Reverse the prop from the shipping position for the proper pusher arrangement
Check all parts for proper fit before glueing or epoxying
My Throws: Ailerons () 3/4", Elevator () 1.5" measured at the front wing tip

It still works!

The prop cutout was opened up to use a 6" prop if necessary.

The undercarrage showing the unique linkage that allowed control with only two servos.

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Photos by Sally and Fred Sgrosso

I am now using a 6 inch prop from Hobby Lobby. The model is even more responsive. The slot in the fuselage has to be opened up to fit the larger diameter prop. The Hobby Lobby model # of the prop is: HLAN4910.
I also cut slots for CA hinges on all control surfaces.

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