This is where you will find some Electric Aircraft RC photographs.


This is a montage of photos taken on SSF Family Fun Day #2 on November 22nd. It was cold and very windy. In spite of the weather, a good time was had by all.

Troy flew this exceptional Hangar 9 model of the Mitchell B-25J on Fun Day. The wind had a minimal effect on the 17# beauty. Thank you Troy!!!

Click below for the video link of the flight at the windy, SSF field.


December 31,2008

Jay flew his WWII GWS P-40 today. It sure looked good in the Florida sunshine. Great job flying and putting it together, Jay!
I was smiling photographing the little beauty and Jay was also smiling because it flew so well.

Gordon had Ernie fly this Mini Gee Bee "Senior Sportster" to iron out some issues he had with the model previously. It is sold by Hobby Lobby and flew well. It sure looked good. Nice job flying Ernie, and a nice job Gordon putting it together.

Today we had our first landing on the safety fence. It was a three point landing.

I flew my E-Flite DeHavilland DHC-2 Beaver for the second time today. I deployed the flaps to the 40% position with no upward motion for landing. Next time I will use full flaps. It flew well.
Photo by Dino. Thank you Dino!!!

December 28,2008

John M, aka Merlin v16, maidened his big VQ P-51 Mustang Sunday. It was an eventfull maiden. After the take-off, the plane lost power at about 100' altitude and John dead sticked the plane onto the runway with a long glide and a sharp turn at the last second to land the plane on the runway. The ESC failed. The plane sure looked great!

Frank A showed up today with a nicely detailed Scorpio Hellcat that Frank flew beautifully. I like the early morning colors in this photo.

December 21,2008

Today was the Winter Solstice and I think the Gods needed a sacrifice! We had five crashes today- no midairs.

The model below belongs to Ernie and it is a $7.00 K-Mart toy glider that Ernie modified with two tiny $10.00 motors to fly without effort many times today. The Solstice god did not get it!

Jim R had this glider up for 20 minutes at a time and used virtually no power from his battery. Looking good Jim!

Jim R introduced us to his new big Lancair today. It was not quite ready to fly. Sure was pretty sitting on the runway in the early morning light.

December 4th, 2008

On Thursday, December 4th, John M. maidened his new Scorpio deHavilland Mosquito twin motored model. He had three sucessful flights.
John spent many hours on the paint job. The plane flew very well!

The video link is below.

Click on the underlined link above to view the video.

November 25, 2008

On Tuesday, November 25th, we had several maidens.

John (Merlin) shows us his exquisite launching form holding Jim R's new GWS ME-109.

Jim R had a beautiful maiden with his new 109. The paint was perfect and the plane flew fast and true.

Jim R shows off his GWS A-10. This was the second flight of this extremely fast bird. The maiden was the week before. Looking good Jim!
The maiden video is here:


Click on the underlined link above to view the video.

Troy dropped by and flew several planes. This red glider looked good in the sky! Troy had switched to 2.4 Ghz and a new transmitter.

Troy flew this smart looking jet for several minutes. It sure turned dark and threatening!!!

Jerry showed off his beautiful North American Trojan T-28. Great Flying, Jerry!

Jim R Jim and Troy both had maidens of their Lancair models. Here is Jim's

Here is Troy's Lancair. The weather sure was getting worse.

I maidened my Big Red E-Flite DHC-2 DeHavilland Beaver today. It was thrilling...John Mendicino took the photo. Jim R took the video.


Click on the underlined link above to view the video.

Sunday, November 9th, 2008.

Jack R flew his brightly colored model this Sunday morning. The bright leading edge of the wing made model orientation much easier. Pretty plane, Jack!

I believe this beauty belongs to Fred#1. I put this up a month after the event. It sure is pretty!

John (Merlin) has installed retracts on his Art-Tech Corsair. This montage shows the retracts down and up. The custom retracts are made by Orion. They sure looked good! See John M for details.

Paul flew this Hobby Lobby Waco biplane with ease. It sure looked good against Florida's blue sky!

This handsome excutive jet is sold by Hobby Lobby. It looked absolutely real in the sky. Ernie flew this beauty for Gordon.

This speedy bullet looks like something Ernie might fly. It sure looks good!!!

When I see Hangar 9 Twister, I think DENNY! Denny has the prettiest models.

I, Fred, maidened this ElectriFly Fokker DR-1 today. Pretty in the sky and on the ground!
Photo by Mendicino

Last, but not least, is Jim R's GWS Corsair. Great looking plane and a superb flyer. The tiny bell outrunner motor really moves this model around fast!!!

Friday, October 17, 2008.

John (Merlin) has a new Freewing F6F Hellcat that he maidened October 17th, 2008 as viewed against a beautiful Florida sky at the Sarasota Silent Fliers (SSF) field.

The plane looked great and the flight was uneventful, which is what you want for a maiden. The landings (twice) were wonderful to see without any nose down tendency.

Here is a shot taken by Sally Sgrosso of Fred hand launching his ElectriFly Fokker DVII on it's maiden flight in Swannanoa,NC.

If you are interested in some images and video that Stuart Uritis and I took at SEFF 2008, look here: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=860626

Click on the underlined link above to view the video.

John (Merlin) sent his battle weary GWS ME-262 aloft Sunday for a mission.

Above is the image of Ernie's new ParkZone F-27C Stryker Electric RTF that he found at SEFF.
The box mentioned that the plane goes 80+ mph. Ernie did not think so.
Ernie maidened this jet May 11, 2008.

Below is a picture of my Alfa Folke Wulf 190 "Dora" taken by John Mendicino on April 27th.

I superimposed two images to show the top and bottom view of the plane as I flew it over the SSF field in Florida.
I think you can get an idea of the visibility of the red bottom fuselage in this image. The plane flies well, is nice to look at and easy to see.

On Sunday April 20th, I maidened my Folke Wulf 190 Dora. No stills were taken but a video was taken by Jim Restel. John M. gave it a beautiful hand launch. The RC Groups link is below:


Click on the underlined link above to view the video.

Dino came up with a unique Slow Stick. The Stick is a Stereo Stick! How neat is that! Here is the video I took:


Click on the underlined link above to view the video.

On Saturday, April 12th, we held our annual SSF Family Fun Day. Ernie did a yeoman's job to insure the sucess of this function. A large group of members and family were present as well as guests.
An enjoyable day was had by all.

Featured above is a 3D model that sure looked pretty on this beautiful Florida day! Fred Rimer said it was a handfull to fly. He sure made it look easy.

Frank A flew this Hobby Lobby Telemaster with great skill. It sure was a beauty!

Ernie flew this "egg plane" with great success to add excitement to the day's enjoyment. Easter Eggs filled with flour were dropped to see who could hit a target outlined on the runway.

The aircraft had a specially designed trap door to enable the participants to trigger the door to drop the eggs when they thought they were correctly positioned.

The plane was also used to make a "money drop". Folded dollar bills were ejected swirling down to have the children gather some loot.

Many pictures were taken and more will be placed on the SSF website soon.

The site address is:http://www.sarasotasilentflyers.com/

Dino flew his P-51 Mustang Sunday, March 30th.
Dino flew it well and the plane looked terrific.

Herman and new member Peter Jones were flying this with a buddy cord. This plane flew as well as it looked!

In addition to Dino's new Mustang, we had two maidens on Sunday. Jim R maidened his F-4u Corsair by GWS and John M. maidened his GWS Messerschmitt Me 262 Schwalbe (German: "Swallow") . Both had models that looked real good. Both models will be flown again for still pictures. I took video. Click on the video link to Jim's Corsair maiden below and new page will open.


Click on the underlined link below to view John's Me 262 video.


Jerry's P-38 (Nitro Models) looks real good in the Florida sky this morning at the SSF field. Jerry has had 11 sucessful flights at this point with this model. This flight was on March 27, 2008.
Photo by Sally Sgrosso

The model above is another of Charlie's beautiful 3D models performing a Harrier like manouver.This is a real pretty plane photographed on March 12 at the SSF field.

This image of my Hellcat F6F and the subsequent images of the Piper Cub, the GWS Spitfire, and the GWS Beaver were taken March 6, 2008 at the SSF field. My thanks to my friend Pierre Munson for taking these photos.

The Hellcat was a gift and is a Scorpio Hellcat previously sold by Hobby Lobby and is no longer available.
If you can find this kit, you will like it. This warbird is very forgiving. Thank you John!

The Graupner Piper Cub pictured above has been a bear for me to fly. This Cub was designed to be flown with a gas engine, but I installed an electric motor instead. Finally, after more than a year, I have managed to get this 7 pound six foot wingspan model airborne. It was a wonderful feeling!

This model is no longer available through Hobby Lobby.

The image above is of my Orange GWS Spitfire. I painted it orange so that the model would be highly visible.The Spit has given me a lot of problems when hand launching. When flown from the runway, it was much easier. Previously this model had been smashed numerous times. Even with the nose bashed in and a new Welgard motor stuck on the front of the fuselage as well as a warped fuselage, it still flew with no trim needed! Happiness.

This is the last of the pictures of my great day at SSF. Because I take the photos of other pilot's planes, I rarely get my own models photographed. Finding a day with low wind and Pierre to take the images was a rare situation!

My GWS Beaver is a lot of fun to fly and does not tax the brain. The large dihedral of the wing makes for a very stable model. The Beaver flies low and slow. Thank you, Dino for recommending it to me.

The image above and next two images were taken on February 16, 2008. This good looking Tiger Moth belongs to Major Jack. It flew well this pretty Saturday morning.

Woody flew this handsome glider around and about the SSF field. It looked very graceful.

Charlie had a beautiful 3 D plane he flew with prowess. Way to go Charlie!

John M. maidened his Art Tech Corsair this beautiful Sunday morning on February 3, 2008! His maiden was uneventful and sooo sweet.
A pretty plane.

Jim R. maidened this GWS A-4 January 26th. It was repaired and flew well today. The sound and looks of this model are outstanding!

Jim R. also flew this Aero Subaru sold by Hobby Lobby at one time. Nice looking and nice flying.

Denny flew his Hanger 9 Tango.
This image really shows off its colors.
The model flew well and looked spectacular!!!

Gordon flew the Park Zone T-28 Trojan. The pilot is looking out the cockpit to see the runway!
Beautiful model!!

Fred R flew this winged bullet with a 4S battery. It was difficult to capture with the camera.

This is the last of the images for February 3, 2008.

On Sunday, January 6th, 2008 it was very foggy again at the SSF field.
The Align T-Rex Chopper looked real nice for Mike's maiden flight.

The Fantana flown by Denny shows up real well in spite of the fog, but he did lose it twice for a few scary seconds.

The plane is called a "Funder and Lightning" scratch-built and maidened today by Jim R. The model is made out of folded foam, fiber glass rods, and painted silver.
The silver and fog did not give much contast but the bare bones model was a magnificent flyer.

Denny flew this recycled Ultra Stick (Full Size?) beautifully. You would never know it had been trashed.

Finally the fog started to lift and Jim R sent his GWS F-15 Eagle up. It is not a fast jet but a very stable flyer and very pretty to watch.

This Showtime was flown by Denny. This was the fourth flight for this beautiful plane!
It flew well and flight #5 was also a success.

The last model I photographed today, was this one scratch-built by John Williams and flown by Ernie.
It sure flew well and the paint scheme showed up real well.

The photos below were taken in 2007.

On Sunday December 30, 2007 it was very windy at the SSF field.
The Wattage Super Impress II flew well and landed safely. It was flown by our new member, Jim R

Jim also flew this generic high wing aircraft very gracefully this windy Sunday. This neat plane was a limited production kit ( Hot Bodies Dragon 40).

On December 24, 2007 it was very foggy at the SSF field. Several mishaps occurred.
The Elegance flew well and landed safely. It was flown by Dino or Gordon.

Ernie's F-16 sure looks good and went through the fog with amazing speed.

I believe this model is the Phase 3 EF-16 EDF

Ernie's Mini Ultra Stick (one of four) flew very well including inverted flight. No fog problems except for seeing it.

This Mini Ultra Stick became a lawn dart. (Not flown by Ernie).The fog is very visible in this photo over the 75 foot distance from the camera to the downed Mini Ultra Stick.

This cute jet met its end when a tree intercepted it.

John M's maidened his Scorpio Focke-Wulf FW 190 this foggy day and had many good flights.

John M's FW airborne! It was a successful maiden!

John M's also maidened his P-51 Mustang. That flight and many more following were successful. Pretty aircraft!

The model is made by Art Tech.

John M's new E-flite P-38/F-5E Lightning 400 ARF on its 2nd flight over the SSF field on November 4th, 2007. She sure is a good looker!!!

John M's brandy new Great Planes Spitfire coming around for a photo opp. This was the second flight, November 18, 2007

Denny's SHOWTIME maiden flight at SSF
on November 25, 2007. Real pretty! (From a video frame)

Jerry's T-34 Mentor looking pretty in the morning sun!.

Denny's maiden flight of his Messerschmitt Me109 coming in for a landing on November 18, 2007.

Denny's yellow bird over the field on 11/04/2007. Pretty!!!

Ernie flying the Piper Cub. No one thought it could be done! This was the first Cub to sucessfully fly this season. (November 18, 2007)

Ernie's Funjet making a high speed pass over the field. Fast as a speeding bullet and as gentle as a kitten.

Herman's chopper...nice!

Charlie's wonderous Multiplex Jet.

Ernie's maiden flight with his
E-Flite Ultra Stick and E-Flite brushless motor

Dino's GWS A-10 making a photo pass. Sweet!

Dino's crash landing. (Not really.)

Ernie teasing Dino to a Duel in the sun.
GWS Stick and Dino's Funjet

John M's GWS P-38 coming in for a landing.

John M's Hellcat coming in for a landing.

Jerry admires his beautiful P-38 electric powered warbird prior to its maiden flight.

Denny's beautiful neon color model on it's maiden flight.

What it is all about! Ernie training Betty.

(left to right) John M, Jack E, Jim H, & Paul

Paul with his Slow Stick and a smile!

A terrific looking model taking off.

Denny, Jack R, and Fred admiring Denny's model.

The Guys on a "warm" Florida morning!

One of Charlie's beauties streaking for the clouds.

My Graupner Piper Cub before it crashed.

My latest babies.
The Sig Kadet Senior ARF has been flown a few times.
I have a problem landing the "floater".
The GWS Slow Stick with the fiberglass stick has seen many flights.

Jim's DC-3 looks great!

Another of Charlie's angels.

Ernie's delta Wing.

Dino's lovely bird.

One of Ernie's wonders about to maiden.

John M's brandy new GWS Corsair on it's maiden flight!.

Another of Charlie's wonder planes hovering.

The photos below were taken in North Carolina near Asheville.

Two views of my latest (August, 2007) model. It is a GWS Beaver sitting on a grassy plot overlooking Western North Carolina Mountains.

My Flying Circus flying over the Swannanoa, NC countryside.
I have two GWS Beavers and an Ikarus Russian SU27XXL Flanker jet.
Photo by Sally Sgrosso, Planes by Fred

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