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This page features photos and information on the R/C Bug by Lightflite.com.

Updated October 30, 2007


Pictured above is the latest model in my hangar. It is all EPP foam and quite indestructible with its built- in prop guard and carbon rod construction.
I violated the weight rule by putting on GWS Stick wheels. The total flying weight was 6.6 oz. I also opted for my trusty GWS\Slow Stick 10X4.7 prop. The supplied prop in the kit was the more aggressive 10X6 HD prop.
I like to fly low and slow.

This is "yours truly" holding the little guy up for sacrifice to the gods for its maiden flight.

The little fella moves right along or very slowly depending on the throttle.

I did not adjust one throw for the maiden.
I did hit a trio of palm trees that flew in front of the Bug but no damage was done.
I increased the expo from what Ron at Lightflite suggested on low rates and had a more controlled flight.
I flew for almost 6 minutes on this maiden and used about half of the 2c 460ma LiPo.
I flew at 1/2 throttle and the static current draw was around 3 amps for this throttle position.
I am flying in a small church lot with a multitude of trees and a bit of wind.

The bottom of the Bug is white but photographs black due to the lighting.

It was fun. If the wind stops here in Florida, I will try for more flight time.
Go to Lightflite.com for more information.

All photos by Sally Sgrosso

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