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Here is a sample of some of my manipulated photos.

Below are a couple of manipulations that may be of interest. They are not difficult to do on Adobe PhotoDeluxe software. The limit is your imagination. I never had much imagination, so it fascinates me when I come up with photos like this.

I hope you like what you see. You may write to me at the address below.

You Bug Me

You Bug Me

This image is composed of two separate photos. One is the same dragonfly image that is presented on the insects page, and the other from a photo of a vintage Navy biplane taken at an airshow at Manchester, N.H. The blue background was added as well as the simulated tongue. All the picture elements were combined using Adobe PhotoDeluxe software.

Hale-Bopp Comet

Hale-Bopp Comet @ Stony Brook

Hale-Bopp was photographed one cold night at Stony Brook Wildlife Sanctuary. As I was making the time exposure, a Great Blue Heron appeared out of the dark sky and landed in the water five feet from me. When I moved to cover the lens of my old Minolta SRT-101 to end the exposure, he became aware of me for the first time and flew off with a furious squawking. The heron circled a couple of times over my head, still squawking, and finally left. It was quite an evening. The photo was taken right after sunset, and the resultant shades in the original photo were posterized using the same software mentioned above, and with a very welcome assist from Robin in Maine.

Jelly Fish

Jelly Fish... Beautiful to look at.....

Jelly Fish are pretty to look at, but do not touch. ( Sounds like what my mother said to me about girls.) The Myrtle Beach Aquarium (South Carolina) is a fantastic take. The shark exhibit is better than that of Sea World, Florida, in many ways. I photographed the jelly fish with my Tamron 35-85mm lens against the glass of the tank. No flash was used. The film was Kodak Gold Max 800.

Photos by Fred Sgrosso

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