Welcome to the... Stony Brook Wildlife Sanctuary.

I am very proud to have a fall scene of Stony Brook on the Massachusetts Audubon Society's Mastercard. It is similar to the second photograph below.

You have traveled north 1500 miles or so, to another world. The Everglades is one of my favorite places, but Stony Brook is much closer to where I live, and has its own special beauty.

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Stony Brook Fall Scene-2001

Fall was beautiful again this year at Stony Brook..2001

Peace and Tranquility of a Fall Day at Stony Brook

Stony Brook is a truly beautiful treasure located on North St., Norfolk, Massachusetts. In my opinion, it is the jewel in the crown of sanctuaries operated by the Massachusetts Audubon Society. It is a great family place to visit and is small enough so as not to be overwhelming and big enough to keep everyone interested. The staff at Stony Brook is friendly and ready to offer assistance. I have taken many photographs here of geese, ducks, chipmunks, squirrels, herons, swans, blue birds, swallows, dragonflies, frogs, turtles, and snakes. In addition to these and many more wildlife subjects, the trees and flowers are numerous. Lady's Slippers, Jack in the Pulpit, interesting mushrooms, as well as various berries are all subjects for the close up lens. I have spent many a lazy day on the boardwalk, looking and photographing all nature subjects that come my way.

  Fall Scene

More Fall color on the boardwalk @ Stony Brook. Many thoughts are brought forth when viewing this manificent tapestry.

Ladys slipper

The Lady's Slipper or Moccasin Flower is a wild orchid and can be found at Stony Brook  in the Spring. If you bend down and smell  this magic flower,  you will find the fragrance  light and beautiful. Quite often I use a fill flash, and or a white reflector to fill the shadows, since this flower is frequently found in dappled shade.      

Photos by Fred Sgrosso



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