(1998)The new cub, Triton,  is so cute that I have decided to make a special page in his honor. As many of you know, Trixie, the female Polar bear at RWP had a cub this past Winter. The cub, named Triton, (derived from  the mother's name Trixie, and the father's name, Norton), was seen by the public starting in  April, and has been a hit ever since. 

 Triton playing with stick

Pat's Polar Bears
Trixie and Triton

My wife, Pat, and I, finally got to see Trixie and her cub Triton. What an experience! The cub never stopped and mother mainly rested. Due to a mishap, on the first day we went to see the bears, my pictures did not come out. However Pat's did! Here is her picture...The exhibit has an elevated boardwalk for enhanced viewing when the animals are out of the water, and a window where the bear's swimming abilities can be watched and appreciated.

Photo by Pat Sgrosso-- July, 1998

 Trixie sniffing the air
Trixie Sniffing the Air 
Trixie with cub
Whatcha doin' little buddy?

Polar bear's view of the world
What are you all lookin' at?

This picture needs a little explanation. This is the Polar bear's view of the people looking at them through the viewing window. The water was low in the window such that Trixie was above the water line, and Triton below. 
All photos by Fred Sgrosso except for Pat's photo.

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