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Some Pictorial Shots I Like

Featured are some of my favorite places that will eventually become separate pages.

You do not have to go far to find interesting subjects.

I hope you like what you see and write to me at the address below.

Mt. Auburn

This shot was taken at Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, Massachusetts. This is the place to go for beautiful grounds and interesting grave stones. Longfellow is buried here as well as Mary Baker Eddy. Did I mention that the birding here is fabulous? Roger Tory Petersen was a frequent visitor in the Spring when all the warblers come back North. The beautiful lilac colored tree is an Eastern Redbud and the white tree is a Dogwood. This photograph was taken on a dull day with Fuji Sensia 200 slide film, in the Spring of 2000.

Waits River, Vermont

Waits River, Vermont, is a beautiful place to visit. Fall is magic in Vermont. For those of you that know this famous scene, I took the wires out. I always wanted to do that! The Stop sign went, too. This photo was taken in the Fall of 99. My wife, Pat, is in the PSA red jacket.

Frosting Castle

Cinderella's Frosting Castle

Another favorite place of ours is The Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World, Florida.

It is fun being a kid again.

Photographed in October of "97".

Photos by Fred Sgrosso


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