Pickity Place
Pickity Place is located in Mason, New Hampshire. Our friends Ted and Diana introduced us to this exquisite jewel. It is best known  for the 1786 cottage that became "Grandmother's House" in Little Red Riding Hood. A gourmet meal can be had here, and judging by the filled to capacity parking lot, I  would say that it must be a good deal. For me, the attraction is the flowers. Pickity Place occupies over five acres of gardens. The perennial beds are beautiful and the herb gardens are bountiful. The large number of bees seen pollinating the beds of lavender and other sweet smelling flowers, is mind boggling. The lilies and poppies are eye popping. The best part is the gardens are FREE.  Below are some photographs I took 30 July 98. 
yellow swallowtail butterfly on impatiens
A yellow swallowtail butterfly captured on  an Impatiens plant.

Pickety Place Frog with lunch

Mmm-- Gourmet Dinner!!!

This little frog was photographed in a small frog pond near the flowers. To see how the photo was altered from the original, check out the next page.

Bee on purple cone flower
Hey! Look What I Found!
(Bee on Purple Cone Flower)

All photos taken with Canon A2  35mm camera and 100-300mm Canon Zoom with  Nikon 5T close-up lens attached. The film was Kodak Gold 200. All photos hand held.

All Photos by Fred Sgrosso--1998

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