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Here is a sample of some of my insect photos.

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Yellow Dragonfly Pair

This pair of yellow dragonflies pictured above were taken in my garden, and are actually one dragonfly altered digitally.The original photo was drab and had a distracting background. I decided to clean up the background by digitally cutting out the insect and adding a plain green background. The next step was to clone and create a mirror image of the original. The result appears above. Kodak's Gold Max film was used for this shot, at ISO 800.

Monarch Butterfly on cosmos

The Monarch butterfly pictured above was flying from cosmos to cosmos. I liked the soft colors that were made possible by the shallow depth of field. This was a "grab" shot taken while photographing a temple. The butterfly was flying from flower to flower and I chased it. I managed to get this one image that was satisfactory. Both images were taken with a 100-300 mm zoom fitted with a Nikon 5T multi-element close-up lens, allowing me to focus closer. I used 200 ISO speed color negative film for this shot. Typically I shoot with either Kodak or Fuji film; I have found no profound differences with print film. I buy what is on sale.

American Painted Lady

The photograph above is of an American Painted Lady (Vanessa virginienis). It is found over most of the United States of America. It is also know as the Hunter Butterfly. Notice the two "eyes" under the wing to scare off predators. I found this one in my backyard on my Verbena plant. The plant attracts me and butterflies. The scent is wonderful! The green color is produced by my lawn thrown out of focus by the shallow depth of field. This image is on Kodak Max 400 color negative film, and shot in the same manner as the photos above. --July 2000--

Photos by Fred Sgrosso

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