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Photo by Pat Sgrosso

April, 2006. My name is Fred Sgrosso, and I am a photographer with a primary interest in nature photography. In the Nature Portfolio, I would like to present my images of birds and other wildlife subjects. Some of the images were taken in The Everglades National Park, and some other subjects were taken in my backyard. Examples of black and white photographs, landscapes, digitally manipulated images, informative text, and pertinent links will be found throughout this site. Perhaps you will notice in many of my photographs my preference for objects that fly. A natural extension of this fascination took me to mechanical birds; ie, warbirds. In the Vintage Aircraft Portfolio, I feature some of my favorite vintage aircraft photographed at Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome. I hope you find this spot on the Internet an interesting and pleasant one.

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White Pelicans

These White Pelicans were photographed on Sarasota Bay, Florida. The bumps on the bills indicate an adult breeding bird, and after the eggs are laid the protuberance is shed.


Osprey in flight -- Bradenton, Florida.

Photos by Fred Sgrosso-- Winter 2000


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