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The little heron pictured below is known as the Green Heron or the Green Backed Heron. He is a pleasure to see and photograph. This species has a wide range and can be seen in many places( even in Wimberly, Texas)--however in the Everglades it is easier to get close and capture the antics of this creature. You can generally hear the little guy before you see him. They are raucous! The coloration of the bird is beautiful--but he can blend in very well. He is a great fisherman and constantly patrols the water's edge looking for his next meal. That is when the fun begins. If you have your lens set for a frame filling shot, and then he extends that loooong neck --look out-- you now have an image of a headless bird! These photos were taken on the Anhinga Trail in the Everglades National Park, Florida.

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Green Heron

The little Green Heron is one of the most fascinating birds in the Everglades.
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and see him grow!!!

Getting Ready to Catch Dinner.

Green Heron captured near sunset in the Everglades.

I got my dinner!.

Least Bittern in the Everglades.

All Photos by Fred Sgrosso

--February 2000---

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