Welcome to your first stop: The Everglades National Park.

If you live in an area where the Winters are cold, the "Glades" is the place to head for. The weather in January and February is spectacular, and in most years the mosquitoes are no problem. The added benefit of beautiful wildlife that seem so much more at ease with humans, makes it a photographer's paradise.

I hope you like what you see and write to me at the address below.

Flamingo Sunrise

Sunrise over Flamingo Bay

To be on the shore of Florida Bay watching the sunrise is a thrill I will never forget. Every sunrise is different, and most are beautiful. It truly is a magical place.

Snowy Egret

Snowy Egret @ Mrazek Pond, Everglades National Park, Florida

A Snowy Egret is a beautiful bird. This one was caught just as he was driving off a male competitor. I have a 20x30 inch copy of this photo and all the memories that go with it. The erect plumes display lasted only seconds; afterwards the bird looked a bit less spectacular. Mrazek pond is on the road to Flamingo and is often a great site for viewing wading birds and "gators" I was told of the magic of the Everglades by our friends, Russ and Dot. We spent many Winter vacations with them, and the pleasant memories will last a lifetime...


American Alligator (immature)

No picture story of the "Glades" is complete without a "gator". This little guy, about 4 feet long, was resting alongside the boardwalk at the Anhinga Trail. I liked being able to see the alligator's feet in the shallow water.

The following pictures of a Zebra butterfly and Snowy egret are in response to a request for more Everglades photos from Jenny in Florida. The Zebra is plentiful in southern Florida, but I believe they are far less abundant elsewhere. This shot was taken in the camping area at Flamingo.

Zebra Butterfly

Ready for Take Off!

Snowy Egret taking off

The Snowy Egret has beautiful golden feet. This photo was taken at Mrazek Pond. The water is dark in color and yields some interesting compositions depending on the time of day.

Photos by Fred Sgrosso


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