I have a new SCANNER,

and I would like you to know about it.

This was new when I wrote it, but it certainly isn's now!

I left it in to illustrate how good a job a scanner can do.
Possibly you have been looking for a scanner that does both letter size scanning and also has the ability to scan slides and negatives of various sizes.  The Epson Perfection 636 is such a machine. I have only had the scanner for a few days, but I am quite impressed with what it can do. The basic resolution of the scanner is 600dpi. When scanning small prints, slides, or negatives, the scanner can be enabled to make 1/4 step scans resulting in a hardware resolution of 600x 2400dpi.The enhanced scan area covers a 4x5 inch span for slides and negatives. That is quite adequate for 35 mm work enlarged up to 8x10 inches. The scanner comes bundled with a ton of software to make scanning more pleasurable. The typical cost for the scanner and the transparency adapter is $400 or less. I am planning to include some of my first attempts on this page. For a review of this scanner, see the April, 1999 issue of Shutterbug (page 44), and the June issue, (page 140) has some interesting comments. Also check out the May, 1999 issue of Popular Photography for a review of this scanner along with 10 other flatbeds.

Note:This scanner has been replaced with the Perfection 1200.

Tulips after the rain.

The original was a 35mm E-6 slide.  The original file size was 12mb in Adobe PhotoDeluxe and is compressed to 28k here.

The tulip image above is a very small file (~22kb) and still looks pretty good. The lower image was from a 35 mm E-6 slide, too. Both photos were taken with a Canon A2 with a Canon 100-300mm USM f4-5.6 zoom fitted with a Nikon 5T multi-element close-up lens.

All photos by Fred Sgrosso.

On my warbirds site, I have a WWI aircraft photo from a Kodachrome Slide that you might want to see. Also go to the next page after the aircraft and see some black and white photos of Cole Palen scanned with the Epson Perfection 636 scanner.
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