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Original Photo

Original Photo

The photos above and below illustrate what a simple image processing software can accomplish.  The original photo on the top was modified using Adobe PhotoDeluxe Version 1.  (The latest software is version 3.) I would estimate the total length of the frog was 3 inches. The mosquito  stayed in front of the frog. The frog made no attempt to inhale the tasty morsel while I was photographing the scene. I was hoping for an action shot of the tongue flicking out and one less mosquito to bite us. No such luck. I waited 15 minutes and nothing moved. It was like looking at paint drying. As you can see, all distracting objects were removed or darkened. The obscured leg of the frog was cloned from the other leg and reversed to make it correct. The same is true of the mouth. The camera was my Canon EOS A2 with a Canon US 100-300mm autofocus zoom fitted with a multi-element Nikon 5T close-up lens. The film was Kodak Gold 200. The lens was wide open (F5.6) and the shutter speed about 1/60-1/100 sec. hand held. The photo was taken in deep shade on a sunny day.

Modified Photo

Retouched photo

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