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Black and White Photographs

I have very few black and white photos that will fit into my Snapshot scanner. I will use these two photographs to illustrate a point concerning the "wetness" of water.

I hope you like what you see and write to me at the address below.

Blackstone Valley Gorge

Blackstone Valley Gorge

Blackstone Valley Gorge, Blackstone, Massachusetts

Photos by Fred Sgrosso

The upper photograph illustrates the effect of a short shutter speed on the waterfall, and the lower photo was shot using a slow (>1sec) exposure. Neither photo is "right" or "wrong"; it is what you like, and how you want the scene portrayed. Both photos were shot using a 28-80 mm lens and probably TRI-X film. I used a polarizer, red filter, orange filter, yellow filter, and a gelatin neutral density filter to attenuate the light on the slow speed shot. Needless to say, a tripod was used for both pictures.
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Last updated on 2/3/98