Birds of Southern Florida-- Winter 2000.

This Winter my wife and I had the pleasure of visiting the Everglades and some of Florida. A few of my images follow.

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Big Blue
The Great Blue Heron of Mount Vernon
King of the Hill

The Great Blue Heron is an outstanding bird. He stands about 4 feet tall and has a wingspan of ~7 feet. This Winter I had the pleasure of seeing this particular bird ( and several of his relatives) in Bradenton, Florida. He acted as though he owned this area. He was a very cooperative subject, and in full mating plumage. I never quite understood why the species is named "blue heron" when they appear to be mainly grey.

I just had a 30X20 inch enlargement of this image made. It came out beautifully. If you are interested in one, contact me.

Little Blue Heron Close-up

The Little Blue Heron, was found in Shark Valley, Everglades National Park, Florida.

The Little Blue Heron is much smaller than the Big Blue. At least he is BLUE! This guy was munching at Shark Valley. On this particular day in February, we were privileged to see just about every large bird featured in a field guide.

Anhinga with fish

Anhinga Feeding

The Anhinga is a very interesting bird. When he is in the water is swims down to spear his meal and then surfaces with his long neck sticking out of the water. This characteristic lead to the bird being know as "The Snake Bird". This bird is also know as a "turkey bird", probably from his turkey like feet. This specimen was photographed on the Anhinga Trail at the Everglades National Park. Many Anhingas were nesting this year. We saw three nests with babies before we left at the end of February. Many more nests were being watched over by attentive parents. For those of you that are water level people; the water was high.

Snowy Egret

Snowy Egret waiting for his meal.

Photos © by Fred Sgrosso

Snowys are numerous on occasion in the Everglades. This year was one of the good years. This Snowy was by the little bridge on the pathway to the Anhinga trail and was in the area for several days. I could not resist photographing him. His bright yellow feet are so eye catching. He was fishing with the Anhinga above. I observed that the Anhinga was a much better fisherman.

Photo Notes:

All pictures were taken with the Canon 100-300 mm zoom lens. I used print film with a speed of 400. This allows hand holding the camera with shutter speeds 1/500 second or faster.

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