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Birds of the Everglades.

The Painted Bunting and Tricolored Heron are two of the most beautiful birds you will see anywhere, and a nature photographer's dream come true. The bunting featured here was a frequent visitor to Eco Pond for several years. This particular bird was seen by hundreds of tourists a day. The colors on this bird were more beautiful than the film could record, so much so, that the bird did not look real. Furthermore, the bunting was almost tame. In spite of his vivid coloration and cooperative disposition, this little bird was actually hard to find perched on a branch or foraging for seeds on the ground. He disappeared after Hurricane Andrew. There are many Painted Buntings in the Flamingo area, especially around the cabins, but none so friendly as this one. I am very happy to have these photographic memories and to be able to share it with all of you. Check out these birds!

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Painted Bunting

This Painted Bunting was photographed in the Everglades National Park, Florida, on the backside of Eco Pond. This photo was featured along with several other Painted Buntings by various photographers on the Wimberly, Texas website noted on the links page. The Painted Buntings are the August, 1999 birds.

Tricolored Heron

The Tricolored Heron, also known as a Louisiana Heron was found patrolling the shores of Nine Mile Pond in the Everglades National Park, Florida.

The Tricolored Heron was a "regular" at Nine Mile Pond. The heron would walk back and forth a few feet from the shore, where the water was shallow and have his dinner of small fish while we had ours. I added the object in the lower right. It is the small alligator that is on the Glades page. I thought it added to the interest of the picture. The yellow shadow color is real and probably the color of the bottom of the pond. We have many fond memories of this location, including an evening featuring a full course Italian meal served to us on real dinnerware including crystal glasses and live musical accompaniment by our friends from Maine in their motorhome. The Everglades is a magical place for the wildlife and the people who visit them.

Brown Pelican

The Brown Pelican was photographed in the marina area at Flamingo. There used to be many pelicans in this area before the US Park Service stopped allowing fishermen, or anyone for that matter, from feeding the pelicans or any wildlife. Now there are fewer birds of all kinds in this area.


Photos © by Fred Sgrosso

Ospreys are very numerous in the Everglades. This one was guarding the nest while the other Osprey sat on the eggs. The nest was just off the road near the Visitors Center in Flamingo, and only a few feet off the ground. Quite often they nest on platforms provided by humans for this purpose, but down in Flamingo the osprey nest just about anywhere; including on the mast of the TV antenna behind the motel. A group of German photographers were camped out beneath the tree in camouflage uniforms and were "shooting" the ospreys for days on end.

Photo Notes:

All pictures were taken with close focusing 100-300 mm zoom lenses. I use both slide and print film. I usually use ISO 200 speed print film. This allows hand holding the camera with shutter speeds 1/500 second or faster.

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