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Barn in black and White

Barn in Blackstone, Massachusetts  

This photograph was taken on Kodak T-Max T400 CN  film. T400 CN  film is a color negative film that produces black and white images when developed with standard (C-41) color negative chemicals. The beautiful thing is that you can take this film to your local 1 hour processing lab and get your prints back in an hour! No more hunting for someone to do your b/w work. This type of film was made available by Ilford several years ago, and is now called Ilford Super XP2, but I never tried it. This new film from Kodak was my choice because my photofinisher  liked the Kodak film better, so I gave it a shot. The resultant negatives can be printed with conventional b/w materials, or taken back and made into enlargements or whatever, by your 1 hour lab. If the lab uses their regular color paper, sepia or blue toned images are easily produced. Some labs have B/W paper, and the results are good either way. The grain looks very fine and the negatives look quite normal. A characteristic of these chromogenic films is that they exhibit wide exposure tolerances. This film, it is said, can be exposed from ISO 50 to 2000. Amazing! I believe the film comes in 12, 24 and 36 exposure loads. All in all, a great film for when you want something quick and good. My photo above was exposed at the rated 400 speed.

Since I wrote the information above, Kodak has announced a new Black and White film that can be developed by color labs. The new film is called"Black and White +" and is an ISO 400 speed film. The main difference I can determine is that the new film is designed to be produce a B/W print on color paper. The film I used above could be printed on either B/W or color paper.

    Barn in Color

The same barn in color the next day. This barn is so beautiful I had to take it in color, too. Adjacent to the barn is a two story cider mill. On the first lovely Fall day, we must have seen a hundred bluebirds along the stone wall. They were probably migrating, because there were fewer each day.

Barn in color II

All photos were taken with a Canon EOS A2 camera with a Canon 28-80mm US lens and a polarizer. I even used a tripod to enable me to use my smallest apertures(~F22) to achieve maximum depth of field without worrying about hand shake. The color shots  were on Fuji 400 Superia Color Print film.

All photos by Fred Sgrosso

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