This page is dedicated to the memory of Thomas J. Aitken.

A good friend died in the Spring of 2000 and I would like to celebrate his life with photographs of a few of his flowers.


Tom spent many joyful hours in his lovely garden. Along with his wife Peg, they created a garden that was a pleasure to behold. Tom's specialty was iris---hundreds of iris. Every year new varieties would appear in the garden, and the progeny of the previous year would be distributed with much enthusiasm to his many friends. The iris images above were photographed in his garden after a rain.

Tom's Garden

This image is a portion of the garden. In addition to the iris, poppies can be seen in the background. Later in the year, scores of daylilies appear.


Another Iris Beauty.

All Photographs were in the late Spring of "98"
A new iris photo from Tom's and Peg's Garden-- June 2000. The flower is named Rebecca and that happens to be the name of one of Tom's grandchildren.

Iris Rebecca

Thanks For The Memories, Tom.

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