Tip of the Week

Bob Christensen has offered this site for Windows XP users needing help to use the system restore function.Try this address.
Always make sure that the phone line is disconnected from the computer as well as the power line during a lightning storm.(02/27/01)

When you buy a isolator power strip for your computer, make sure it also protects your telephone line.(02/27/01)

To check on latest viruses. Go To www.vmyth.com (3/05/01)

If you have an inkjet printer you may need to turn it off with it's own switch to avoid premature using up or drying of the ink in the print head. It needs to go through a shut down cycle that is defeated by turning off the power at the power strip. Read your printer manual. Ink will last longer and print quality maintained. (03/06/01)

Is your "favorites" list of web pages in Internet Explorer so long it laps over the bottom of the page? Are there sites there you don't remember ever visiting? Are there sites you haven't visited in months and can't imagine you would visit again? Can't find a way to get rid of them? There is a way, but it's not obvious. Here's how. Click on the "favorites" button in the toolbar at the top of the Internet Explorer page. Then in the drop down menu that appears click on "organize favorites". Then highlight and delete those favorites you want to delete from the list. (04/02/2001)

Want to create a desktop "Shortcut" to your A drive or D drive? 1. On the desktop double click on "My Computer" 2. Right click the drive that you want to create the shortcut for and select "create short cut" from the menu that asks if you want the shortcut on the desktop. 3. Continue to create as many short cuts as you want. (04/02/2001)

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