Mount Vernon celebrated on March 15 leaving the real day to be partied elsewhere. In practice, our date depends on the availability of musicians. Decorations and music turned the clubhouse into an Irish tavern.

It was a sell-out crowd of 185 with several being disappointed. We could have had 200 but we optimistically based our numbers on the last two year figures of 179 and 161. The doors were not opened until 7:30 pm which caused a line up second only to the Flea Market. Wild Irish music and dancing in the hall got things off to a good start. Home made entertainment proved very successful and auditions for next year will be announced in The Crier.

Music by “The Coconuts” was the best that they have ever played here and the almost spontaneous entertainment and sing-along spoke for itself. Allegedly fabulous prizes were scattered at random. Olympic style competitions were held with the Balloon Blowing contest drawing the loudest jeers. The competitors passed DNA analysis to prove that they were true leprechauns, and the winner a blood test to ensure that there was a satisfactory amount of the right stuff in his bloodstream. A 10 week course in balloon blowing-up will be conducted next winter - details later. Unusual at Mt. V. very few left before closing time - another year there could be an extension. There will be special awards to anyone who can bring back a healthy shamrock table-centre next year.

This report will not appear in print until next month because The Crier is a monthly publication. However, with a bit of Irish luck the Computer Club web site will have the details, blarney and other nonsense including graphic pictures next week.


Working Leprechauns -
Ethel & Norman Arventos

Sally & Newell Masengale

Nancy Sundberg

Chipper & Larry Lillie

Vivienne & Peter Fitzpatrick (chair)


Richard Griffith & Bill Rafferty & Peter Fitzpatrick

Special thanks:

Helen Wenzlick - Mt.V. folk lore
Evie Schmidt - finding things
Doug Waterston - cleaner-upper


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